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Fiat Topolino – The Dolce Vita Citroën Ami | Backstage


Fiat Topolino – The Dolce Vita Citroën Ami | Backstage. FIAT has unveiled the name and first image of its new sustainable urban mobility solution: the Topolino.
The all-electric Fiat Topolino quadricycle is ready to contribute to expanding urban electric mobility and bring all the optimism of its namesake to an accessible, all-electric version that encapsulates all the coolness of the Fiat 500. This renowned and evocative name is what paved the way for urban mobility and immediately calls the first Fiat 500 to mind, the iconic car that revolutionized the concept of the motor vehicle. Produced by FIAT from 1936 to 1955, the Fiat 500, commonly known as “Topolino”, literally invented the idea of mobility for the people.

The new Topolino perfectly embodies the FIAT’s dolce vita and Italian spirit. As a car that aims to bring a smile, the Topolino brings a new conception of the dolce vita to the city streets, one which is made up of joy, optimism, and fun. The new quadricycle is a new electric mobility device which has been designed for a wide audience, including the youngest customers, families and city lovers.

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