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Ford Explorer Electric PRODUCTION LINE


Ford Explorer Electric PRODUCTION LINE. Ford commenced mass production of the all-electric Ford Explorer at its newly established Electric Vehicle (EV) Center in Cologne, Germany. This state-of-the-art facility, born from a $2 billion investment, marks a historic transformation of Ford’s 1930 plant into a cutting-edge production site dedicated to electric vehicles. The Ford Explorer, featuring German engineering and American design, offers an impressive range of over 600 km on a single charge. It is the first vehicle off the line, with a second EV, a sports crossover, set to begin production later this year.

The Cologne Electric Vehicle Center leverages advanced AI and over 600 precision robots to ensure high-quality EV production. A “digital twin” system monitors the entire assembly process in real time, enhancing efficiency and quality control. This facility is part of Ford’s broader Road to Better plan, aiming for carbon neutrality across its European operations by 2035. Emphasizing sustainability, the plant uses 100% certified renewable electricity and biomethane, while continually improving its carbon efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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