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Ford Mustang Dark Horse (2023) 200 MPH Wind Tunnel Test


Ford Mustang Dark Horse (2023) 200 MPH Wind Tunnel Test. Ford has combined the latest wind tunnel technology with the equivalent of a vehicle-sized treadmill to help create its next-generation of production vehicles, including the new Mustang Dark Horse.

Capable of simulating wind and road surface speeds of 200 mph, the Rolling Road Wind Tunnel (RRWT) supports testing for efficient and performance-driven vehicles across the Ford lineup – including the next generation of Ford electric, hybrid and gas vehicles.

For passenger vehicles and trucks, the goal is to achieve low drag, creating a more efficient vehicle. However, for vehicles such as the Mustang Dark Horse that prioritize track-ready performance, aerodynamicists will trade low drag for increased downforce, which helps cars stick to the road or track and improves handling feel while cornering.
The Mustang Dark Horse comes with an available Gurney flap, which is an extra plate attached to the rear wing to help generate additional downforce, as well as three vertical plates coming off the under body near each front wheel called strakes. The strakes help disrupt airflow generating greater downforce on the underside of the vehicle, which can help the car stick better in corners at higher speeds.

Overall, Mustang Dark Horse includes multiple changes and additional features, including a redesigned front bumper, a lower valence, a spoiler, and unique wheels. The front design is optimized to potentially increase air flow for engine cooling, brakes and air intake, while also reducing front lift. On the Mustang Dark Horse, the lower air spoiler and splitter is unique allowing the car to be tuned for greater downforce. The upgraded handling package on the Dark Horse provides a unique splitter, spoiler, and wheels – changes that may seem small but that make all the difference when hitting the road or track with performance in mind.

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