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Ford Mustang MACH-E Crash Test (2022) IIHS Side Impact Test


Ford Mustang MACH-E Crash Test (2022) IIHS Side Impact Test. The 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E, an electric-powered midsize SUV, earns a good rating in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s new, tougher side crash test.

The updated test is similar to the original evaluation but uses a heavier barrier traveling at a higher speed to simulate the striking vehicle. The new barrier weighs 4,200 pounds — close to the weight of today’s midsize SUVs — and strikes the test vehicle at 37 mph, compared with a 3,300-pound barrier traveling at 31 mph in the original evaluation.

For now, a good rating in the original test is enough to qualify for either of the Institute’s awards. However, starting in
2023, a good or acceptable rating in the updated test will be required for the lower-tier TOP SAFETY PICK award, and a good rating will be needed for the higher-tier TOP SAFETY PICK+.

The Mustang Mach-E earns good ratings for head protection for both the driver and rear passenger. Measurements taken from the dummies show a low risk of injury to most body regions. Only the driver’s torso registered a somewhat elevated risk of injury.

For structural performance, the SUV was downgraded from good to acceptable because the left rear door partially passenger compartment was crushed by the impact. However, a door that opens in a crash could allow an occupant, especially an unbelted one, to be partially or completely ejected.

► These results are valid only for models sold in USA

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