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Genesis X Dog – A Luxurious Ride for Dogs


Genesis X Dog – A Luxurious Ride for Dogs. Genesis has unveiled the Genesis X Dog concept, a luxury dog-friendly accessory tailored for its Electrified GV70, a dynamic and versatile award-winning SUV. This concept is designed to ensure dogs experience less restless behavior noted in studies on electric vehicle travel by providing a tranquil and luxurious space. The module includes exclusive equipment such as a Genesis-branded heated dog cushion, built-in shower, and a custom leather collar, all crafted to complement the plush interiors of the Electrified GV70.

Attention to detail is evident in the design of the Genesis X Dog concept. It features quilted vegan leather sidewalls, non-slip surfaces, and a lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber telescopic ramp for easy vehicle access. Safety is prioritized with locking mechanisms and anchor points to secure the module during transit. The concept also includes a six-liter pressurized water tank and an electric hairdryer to cater to grooming needs on the go, powered by the vehicle’s innovative V2L (vehicle-to-load) capability which supports various electrical appliances.

The Genesis X Dog concept is not just about utility but also enhancing the travel experience for dogs with features like customizable interior lighting from a palette of 100 colors to induce calmness, particularly through calming blue and violet tones. This thoughtful design integrates seamlessly with the Electrified GV70’s cabin aesthetics, ensuring comfort without distraction to the driver. The concept also offers flexibility, allowing owners to remove the module when more boot space is needed, demonstrating Genesis’s commitment to both luxury and practicality in automotive design.

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