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Genius Garage: Mentoring The Next Generation


Genius Garage: Mentoring The Next Generation. Genius Garage goes beyond a typical after-school learning program, and it’s much more of a supplement to these students’ work than any study group organized by the career services department.

By giving the next generation of talented engineers and designers not just a base of knowledge to fall back on, but also the crucial hands-on opportunities to work on aircrafts and racing cars, founder Casey Putsch is providing these bright young minds with the resources to reach their potentials sooner. He’s not saying that setting up Corvette race cars or building mechanical pterosaurs is or should replace what his students learn in their classrooms, but rather that these projects are a way of applying and expanding that knowledge.

But hands-on experience is only valuable if it’s the students’ hands we’re talking about. Having somebody provide you with a step-by-step solution is all well in good if you’re calling someone to help figure out why your car won’t start when you’re already late to a job interview, but when the goal is to truly learn, it’s much better to teach somebody how to fish instead of just handing them a halibut. At Genius Garage, Putsch is doing his share of investing in the future by making sure his students are maximizing the potential of theirs.

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