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Goodyear Spherical Tires for Citroën Skate prototype


Goodyear Spherical Tires for Citroën Skate prototype. Goodyear made spherical tires for Citroen’s Urban Collectif Concept, the Citroën Skate.

The Urban Collëctif has unveiled an innovative concept and shared vision to transform the future of urban mobility.

The aim is to optimise mobility for city-dwellers around the world and help reduce congestion in cities for everyone to reclaim urban spaces and put the fun back into city travel. As population in cities increases, travel conditions need to be revamped and as the COVID-19 crisis has heightened, city-dwellers have higher expectations for cleaner, safer, more flexible modes of travel that also comply with social distancing rules.  In turn, this is now influencing the development of urban landscape and smart mobility solutions for the future.

The Urban Collëctif, drawing on its 200 years of combined experience in innovation, is a new partnership between three French companies, Citroën, Accor and JCDecaux.  It relies on an innovative concept dubbed Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision which combines a high-tech and universal mobility platform, The Citroën Skate, with three new service Pods – Sofitel En Voyage, Pullman Power Fitness and JCDecaux City Provider – each offering a unique experience to explore cities in a new way.

Using autonomous, electric, and agile Citroën technology, this disruptive, open-source urban mobility concept aims to decongest cities while also meeting citizens growing needs in terms of mobility, services, safety and well-being, especially in cities.

This new concept of responsibility and tailor-made urban mobility relies on an open-source approach: The Citroën Skate platform can accommodate all compatible Pods developed by a partner, thereby expanding mobility and service offerings. The Citroën Skate can move all Pods on demand using a dedicated track, while offering unrivalled comfort. The model relies on a fleet of The Citroën Skate transport robots which move around cities non-stop and are paired with Pods that promise unique experiences. The Citroën Skate is the medium and the conveyor of mobility.

The Pod, attached to The Citroën Skate, allows its users to enjoy their preferred service, whenever they wish. It is fitted with all the technology needed to move transport and logistics units, allowing them to dispense with redundant and expensive equipment and making autonomous driving technology profitable.

A kind of ultra-tech skateboard, The Citroën Skate incorporates all of the intelligence and technology required for autonomous and electric travel, batteries, an electric engine, radars, lidars etc. Its top speed is limited to 25km/h or 5 km/h to ensure the safety of all users depending on the area. The speed can be configured according to how the Pods are used.

The Citroën Skate features minimal footprint with limited dimensions of 2.60m long, 1.60m wide and 51cm high, meaning it doesn’t encroach on public space. Its compact dimensions and design, stripped of the automotive layer, make it a clever and universal mobility solution.

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