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Homologation Specials: Mitsubishi Pajero Evo – Clip


Homologation Specials: Mitsubishi Pajero Evo – Clip. Learn more about Petrolicious Membership, and become a member at: https://petro.li/Membership or continue to enjoy our regular Tuesday series’, Made to Drive and Morning Coffee, on our channels for free.

The Mitsubishi Pajero isn’t an obvious homologation special, but it is one of the Dakar’s most successful entries making it a true hidden gem. You’ve all heard of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, and the Pajero is it’s underrated sibling. Our man Sam Hancock gives it a go.

WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE: https://petro.li/HSPajeroEvo

Homologations Specials: A study of some of the very best cars homologated for racing from the Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution developed for rally raids to the Ferrari GTO built for Group B racing. Built in extremely limited numbers, these machines exist solely so that their manufacturers could challenge each other in the arena of motorsport.



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