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Homologation Specials: Renault 5 Turbo II – Clip


Homologation Specials: Renault 5 Turbo II – Clip. Learn more about Petrolicious Membership, and become a member at: https://petro.li/Membership or continue to enjoy our regular Tuesday series’, Made to Drive and Morning Coffee, on our channels for free.

Inspired by the success of Lancia’s mid-engined Stratos, Renault responded by taking the 5 model and shifting the engine behind the driver and switching to RWD. This little French hatchback now boasted 160 HP and became a giant killer and its second iteration, the Turbo II driven here by Sam Hancock, became an incredibly successful homologation special with over 3,000 road cars produced.

WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE: https://petro.li/RenaultR5TurboIIHS

More about our new show, Homologations Specials: A study of some of the very best cars homologated for racing from the Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution developed for rally raids to the Ferrari GTO built for Group B racing. Built in extremely limited numbers, these machines exist solely so that their manufacturers could challenge each other in the arena of motorsport.

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