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Honda e (2020) Five Screen Dashboard!!! DEMONSTRATION


Honda e (2020) Five Screen Dashboard!!! DEMONSTRATION. The 2020 Honda e interior is designed for effortless usability, incorporating a range of connected apps and AI-enabled services for both drivers and passengers. The intuitive HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) enables the Honda e to seamlessly integrate with the owner’s everyday life, elevating the car’s value beyond simply a means of transportation.

An 8.8-inch TFT meter instrument display in front of the driver presents key vehicle information, including power and charge status, drive mode selected and safety feature details. Drivers can personalize the quantity and layout of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) information that is displayed.

Optimized for safety and ease of use, physical buttons and dials are retained for the most commonly-used functions, including HVAC controls, with layout rationalized for quick operation. The Single Pedal Control button sits ahead of the Drive Mode rocker switch and the Electronic Parking Brake with Brake Hold behind it. The frequently used audio volume knob, audio ON / OFF switch, DA home and screen illuminance buttons are arranged on the wood grain panel within easy reach and are instantly recognizable.

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