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How Tires Are Tested – Summer Tires on Wet Road – ADAC 2023


How Tires Are Tested – Summer Tires on Wet Road – ADAC 2023. The ADAC (German automobile club) has conducted its 10th anniversary tire test, evaluating 50 tire models of one dimension, which is the largest number ever tested. The test methodology has also been updated, incorporating a two-pillar assessment of driving safety and environmental balance. The results showed that 10 tires received a “good” rating, 21 “satisfactory”, 12 “sufficient” and seven “poor”. The Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 2 and the Continental PremiumContact 6 were the frontrunners in the market’s strongest dimension, while the Premiorri Solazo and DoubleCoin DC99 were at the bottom. Although the quality of tires has improved over the years, driving safety remains a critical criterion, and the ADAC found significant differences in braking distance among the tires tested. Additionally, there are significant variations in the environmental balance of the tires. The Michelin e.Primacy showed good environmental balance and driving safety, making it the test winner, while the Continental PremiumContact 6 set the standard for driving safety. The ADAC’s new two-pillar method offers consumers the opportunity to choose a tire that best suits their driving needs, taking into account both driving safety and environmental impact.

Further information is available at adac.de

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