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Hyundai Production Line – Palisade, Santa Fe, Tucson, Elantra Ulsan Plant


Hyundai Production Line – Palisade, Santa Fe, Tucson, Elantra Ulsan Plant. Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant is the world’s largest single plant. It is made up of five independent factories, with approximately 32,000 personnel producing an average of 5,800 vehicles per day. Another surprising feature of this complex is the 600,000 trees planted within the area, making the plant a factory surrounded by a forest. Visitors to the plant can tour the vehicle manufacturing plant and the port that houses 76,000-ton ships.

Ulsan – the industrial city in Korea. It is the heart of the automobile industry in Korea. Hyundai created its first ever local model with independent technology. The historic factory in Korea was completed in 1968. Korea has 5 completed plant sets of factories that can produce vehicles from top to bottom. They have transmission and engine plants and a proving ground. It is the largest single automobile plant in the world. They also have a casting and forging shop that produces engine block with high-end casting process. It also produces parts with high pressure press machine. The engine shop builds independently developed world class engine. The press shop is capable of building various types of panels with the press machine. The welding shop uses automated robotic welding line. The plant’s paint shop uses eco-friendly water soluble paint. The assembly shop is capable of operating the assembly process efficiently with parts in modulization. Then they carry out an inspection process to ensure quality of the finished vehicles.

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