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ICON 4×4: Creative Restorations and Modifications


ICON 4×4: Creative Restorations and Modifications. Even if their contemporary periods are decades in the past, old cars and trucks don’t stop evolving over time, though not always literally. Whether it be the case that a previously underrated machine develops a following as a “classic” as the decades go by, or just the continuing development of restoration techniques, we are always applying some kind of current context to the vintage machines we love. In the case of Jonathan Ward’s company, ICON 4×4, we’ll let him put it in his words.

“I’m a lifetime craftsman and artist, and I’ve gone through various phases over the years where I’ll do deep dives into subjects, and I’ve drawn to transportation design since I was a kid. As I got older, I became disenchanted with contemporary vehicle design, so really as I started to think through what ICON would be, it was to revive and respect both a myriad of traditional art forms within the confines of the design language of whatever vehicle platform I’m choosing and whatever design era, while respectfully integrating the best of modern automotive engineering and convenience.”

The philosophy allows Ward and his team of designers and engineers to incorporate not just new technology into ICON’s builds, but new approaches to tried and true modifications. They take inspiration from the original designs and purposes and respectfully weave in some modernity, while also taking into consideration and tweaking the established routes toward restomodding and customizing. The result of the process are a truly unique creation—from Toyota FJs and Land Cruisers to lead sled American land yachts and more—which you can argue is only natural when every project is approached with creativity and open mindedness.

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