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If The Shoe Fits, It Must Be A BMW M Coupe


If The Shoe Fits, It Must Be A BMW M Coupe. “The times when I’m not bored is when I’m flying, when I’m flying my hang glider, when I’m racing the M Coupe—because all of a sudden the world moves up to my speed.” Airline pilot Alex McCulloch is a great judge of what it means to travel quickly and effortlessly through the air, and so his choice of a BMW M Coupe is telling.

“Someone said, life is racing and everything else is just waiting,” McCulloch says, and after a short time with the M Coupe, he quickly realized he was going to have to bring the car to a track.

“You cannot challenge yourself on public roads safely,” he says.

The rare BMW fits in nicely with one of his other obscure pursuits: cross-country, long-distance hang gliding, a sport that allows him to “be in a movie.”

Modified only in ways that allow him to put the car back to stock if needed, the car has been prepared for time trial events—where McCulloch is learning to be a faster driver.

“I used to say it wanted to kill me, but now we’ve reached an agreement where it’s not quite as murderous,” he says.

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