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Jaguar Land Rover SVO – TECHNICAL CENTER. Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) officially opens its new Technical Centre in the heart of the British Midlands.

In future, customers will be able to visit the Technical Centre’s Commissioning Suite by invitation, where they will explore the infinite range of possibilities for creating and customising their own Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle. An SVO colour-matching specialist will be on hand to accurately match shades with any item of the customer’s choosing.

The exclusive experience will continue through to the food served to customers visiting the Technical Centre. Michelin-starred chef Graham Edwards, who learned his trade in London’s West End and has previously worked with Raymond Blanc, is on hand to create a selection of dishes designed to suit the client or the car they are buying. 

The SVO story will continue in the Technical Centre once the customer has left, as their car is built, painted and hand-finished in the other three areas of the building.

The quality and attention to detail throughout the Technical Centre has been inspired by the exacting standards of the top level of motorsport. The workshop features a series of highly advanced workstations and has been created to enable the building of SVO vehicles, by hand, to the highest possible quality. 

The largest zone in the Technical Centre is an innovative new Paint Facility. The 12,000m2 zone features 546m of conveyor belts, and is one of the most environmentally friendly paint facilities in the world. 

The smart ovens in the facility save enough gas to heat 65,560 homes for a year, while 2.6 million litres of water are saved every year through the use of dry recycled cardboard filters – enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The low energy LED lighting saves enough energy to power 78 homes each year.

The cars are meticulously checked for any imperfections or foreign fibres or dirt, and the team uses specialist lighting to closely inspect the car. All paint finishes are treated to a double clearcoat that provides extra protection and an impeccable world-class finish.

To ensure the car remains flawless, technicians pass through an air shower to remove any loose fibres from their person before they start to manually apply the basecoat.

The final stage to the process is the Manufacturing Facility, which is home to some of the most extreme quality control procedures in the world.

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