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Jaguar XKSS: A Re-creation Made For Recreation


Jaguar XKSS: A Re-creation Made For Recreation. Join us this week on the backroads (and dirt paths) of Los Angeles as we follow James Chen and his Jaguar XKSS recreation for an evening drive without a destination. Built on the underpinnings of an E-Type, his nimble British roadster wears some genuine D-Type parts as well, and because it isn’t one of the 16 invaluable original examples of the XKSS built in 1957, it can be driven without the fear of a multi-million dollar visit to the ditch if things get out of hand. This one is certainly enjoyed to the fullest, and though we understand it’s not the same as the real deal, it delivers a different kind of pleasure for the simple fact that it can be driven “as intended.”

See the photoshoot and further info on the XKSS story here: https://petro.li/JaguarXKSS

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