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Kaege Retro Porsche 911: The Joker


Kaege Retro Porsche 911: The Joker. Two years ago, we featured a “Kaege Retro 911” after being thoroughly impressed by what its creator, Roger Kaege, was able to put together out of a 993 and an array of OEM Porsche parts. We weren’t the only ones who took notice, and today we’re featuring William Lai’s Kaege-customized Porsche pride and joy. Initial searches for what you could call “high-end hot-rod” 911s led William to Singer of course, but he was swayed by the fact that Kaege used a 993 base rather than an older 964, with the use of OEM parts being an added bonus in terms of maintenance and replaceability. Indeed as William points out, every piece that you can take off of the base chassis is new, from the fully rebuilt engine to every last strand of the wiring harness. When it comes to personalized Porsches, or any marque of course, it all comes down to subjective preference, but as William alludes to, it’s impossible not to notice the people putting up thumbs and peace signs when he drives by.

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