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Lamborghini Advanced Composite Research Center


Lamborghini Advanced Composite Research Center. Lamborghini received the ‘Innovation Award’ at the JEC Composites Exhibition in Paris; the only award presented within the category ‘Automotive Interiors’.

The award recognized the new carbon fiber package created for the Lamborghini Huracán. The award was handed to Luciano de Oto, Head of the ACRC Department, for the “Combination of C-SMC and the patented application for Automotive A-class Components”. The Carbon Package, available as an option to Lamborghini Huracán clients, features many components made in forged composite, such as handles, air intakes, central tunnel cladding, and some other details of the cockpit.

Forged composite is a material developed thanks to a technology named C-SMC (Carbon-Sheet Moulded Compound), which allows Lamborghini to obtain A-class surfaces out of C-SMC materials through a patented process. Among the many advantages is its suitability for high volume production, lower manufacturing costs, and more freedom in geometries than traditional technologies.

Developed in 2010 for the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento project, the forged composite then was limited to structural application; now it will be extended to internal applications for its innovative a esthetical appearance. Lamborghini’s constant striving for innovation has overcome the textural limitations of more traditional carbon fiber weaving, which is already widely employed in automotive components.

The carbon package is available on demand for clients acquiring the Lamborghini Huracán.

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