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Lancia Flaminia Super Sport is Elegant Simplicity


Lancia Flaminia Super Sport is Elegant Simplicity. Had the James Bond series been set in Italy, this would be his car. Instead, this Lancia Flaminia Super Sport Zagato belongs to Mr. Robert Giaimo. And you could be excused for wondering about the powerplant, pace, and reliability. To answer your questions: a 2.8L V6 with triple two-barrel Weber carbs, it can cruise comfortably at 100mph like any grand tourer worth anything, and fairly good now that it has a braided throttle cable. But if you’re asking those questions your missing the point.

The Flaminia Super Sport, bodied by Zagato, is simply about style. Simply, being the operative word because the shape is so pure and unadorned. The Lancia was blessed with taut lines, classic proportions, and is mercifully devoid of any extraneous details. The driving experience is undiluted as well and Robert does drive it.

He loves the solid mechanical connection between the gear lever and transaxle (yes, the transmission is mated to the differential), between the tires and steering wheel. Even though he also has a modern sports car that he enjoys, the sensory feedback the Lancia creates and attention required to drive it enhance the experience.

But it really always comes back to the Flaminia’s style, “You can intellectualize about it. But it just hits you in the stomach – it has soul.” We couldn’t agree more.

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