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Lancia is Back to Rally with the New Ypsilon Rally 4 HF !


Lancia is Back to Rally with the New Ypsilon Rally 4 HF !. Today, Lancia previews the Lancia Ypsilon HF, the high-performance version of the first car of the new era, due to arrive in the market in May 2025 and the Ypsilon Rally 4 HF, representing Lancia’s return to rally!

Lancia Ypsilon HF
The Lancia Ypsilon HF expresses the brand’s most competitive and high-performance spirit. Lancia is once again inspired by its past, revisiting it to look ahead to the future with great ambition. Powered by a 100% electric 240-hp engine, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.8 seconds, the Lancia Ypsilon HF will feature lowered suspension, a widened wheel track and assertive, muscular shapes, inspired by the most radical iconic cars that made history for the brand, with the shapes and design in the name of performance.
The car will debut on the market in May 2025. After the Lancia Ypsilon HF, the Gamma and Delta will also come in an HF version.

Lancia kicks back off with Rally 4
From today, the hearts of many fans and rally enthusiasts will once again be set aflutter. Lancia has decided to return to the world of rallying, starting from the basics of competition – Rally 4, the beating heart of rallying. The class represents pure passion, featuring young drivers beginning their careers with a passion to become the professionals of the future. A new beginning in perfect Lancia style, characterized by ambition, pragmatism and humility, in line with the brand’s mission and DNA.
To this day, Lancia remains the most successful brand of all time in the world of rallying, with 15 World Rally Championships, three Constructors’ and Endurance World Championships, one 1000 Miglia, twice the Targa Florio, once the Carrera Panamericana.
The Lancia Ypsilon Rally 4 HF is powered by a 1.2-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder 4-valve-per-cylinder engine that delivers 212 hp. Equipped with front-wheel drive with 5-speed mechanical transmission and mechanical limited-slip differential, the high-performance model is the ideal solution for all rally enthusiasts to enjoy but is also a serious candidate for drivers aspiring to victory in the R4 class and in the two-wheel drive championships.

Source : Lancia

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