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Lexus LM Takumi (2024) The Pinnacle of Luxury


Lexus LM Takumi (2024) The Pinnacle of Luxury. The four-seat Lexus LM Takumi model is the pinnacle of luxury, with just two multi-function rear seats and a wealth of features to make every journey supremely comfortable and enjoyable.

These include a partition between the front and rear cabin housing a 48-inch ultra-widescreen monitor and glass panel that can be dimmed for privacy. The bespoke Mark Levinson 3D Surround Sound audio system has a 23-speaker array, while cabin comfort is enhanced by a more sophisticated Lexus Climate Concierge that uses thermal sensors to precisely control and direct heating and ventilation.

The interior exemplifies Lexus’s brand vision of “making luxury personal”. Seats are designed for perfect support and comfort; the cabin environment is precisely controlled for temperature, air quality and lighting; and there is easy, intuitive access to multiple connectivity and entertainment options, including bespoke Mark Levinson 3D Surround Sound reference audio systems and (in the four-seat model) a 48-inch HD ultra-widescreen monitor. The luxury finish and appointments are of a quality typically matched only by extra-cost customisation options for competitor models.

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