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Lino Autoradio: The Car Radio Restorer


Lino Autoradio: The Car Radio Restorer. We’re guessing that the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “full-car restoration” isn’t the radio, but in this film we delve into one of the more overlooked elements of vintage cars. Lino Carini has made a name for himself in the classic auto radio sphere, and in this niche that requires a combination of knowledge, hands-on electrical engineering aptitude, and most of all—you guessed it—passion.

It’s a word that might get overused in the descriptions of our sentimental love for old cars, but it’s hardly been a more appropriate label than it is here. There is no concours-winning glamor at the end of these restorations, just an earnest love for the radios and the work itself.

Lino has been intrigued by electronics since he studied the subject in school decades ago, and it’s always been for the same reason: not for money, but just plain enthusiasm. “As an amateur collector,” Lino says, “I have collected them even if they didn’t have real monetary value. Because a real enthusiast is not attracted by worth; an enthusiast is in love with that specific thing, not with its value, but with what it represents. With its flaws along with its qualities.”

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