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Master Mechanic: Jack Olsen, DIY Garage – Clip


Master Mechanic: Jack Olsen, DIY Garage – Clip. Learn more about Petrolicious Membership, and become a member today at: http://petro.li/Membership – or continue to enjoy our regular Tuesday series’, Made to Drive and Morning Coffee, on our channels for free.

You may remember our friend Jack from one of the earliest Petrolicious films where we featured his incredible garage designed around servicing and developing his Porsche 911, his ‘one car to do it all’ as he says. Jack walks us through his incredible converted 2-car garage, DIY philosophy and passion for building and tinkering.

WATCH FULL EPISODE: https://petro.li/JackOlsen

WATCH JACK’S PORSCHE 911 MADE TO DRIVE: https://petro.li/JackOlsenMadeToDrive

More about our new series, Master Mechanics: We explore the workshops and garages of some the world’s most storied and foremost builders, restorers, and mechanics. These aren’t your local oil change technicians, but a select group of passionate men and women who have dedicated their lives to their craft. Considered a dying art by many, their creations are hand-formed, hand-sanded, hand-built, with all the scars and grease-lined palms to show for it, these are Master Mechanics.

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