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Master Mechanics: Il Bottegone, Iso Restorer – Clip


Master Mechanics: Il Bottegone, Iso Restorer – Clip. Please turn on closed captioning for English subtitles.

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From Isettas to Girfos, the Italian marque Iso had a limited history but brilliant legacy. While they handle design, their GT cars were powered by Chevrolet and Ford engines, think American muscle with Italian tailoring. The Negri family’s has their own legacy parallel to Isos. Roberto Negri was an engineer and test driver for Iso and became the sole proprietor of the inventory when the company went defunct in 1974. 40 years later, the Iso-specialized father-son team are the best in the business, protecting and merging both legacies.

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More about our new series, Master Mechanics: We explore the workshops and garages of some the world’s most storied and foremost builders, restorers, and mechanics. These aren’t your local oil change technicians, but a select group of passionate men and women who have dedicated their lives to their craft. Considered a dying art by many, their creations are hand-formed, hand-sanded, hand-built, with all the scars and grease-lined palms to show for it, these are Master Mechanics.

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