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Mazda6 (2017) Footage


Mazda6 (2017) Footage. This update adds newly developed Machine Gray Metallic to the lineup of body colors.

Machine Gray Metallic accentuates the dynamic yet delicate surface structure of KODO design, treating color as an element of form. It marks the second premium finish color following Soul Red Metallic. With “the beauty of a machine’s strength and precision” as its theme, Machine Gray Metallic emphasizes KODO’s beauty by achieving an exquisite balance of high-contrast shadows and a high-density finish. To create this color, the TAKUMINURI painting technology developed for Soul Red Metallic was further advanced to increase the reflective layer’s contraction ratio during the drying process. As a result, aluminum flakes are uniformly aligned in a regular pattern within a reflective layer that is only 2.5 microns thick—about a quarter of the thickness of a conventional reflective layer. It produces a metallic texture as realistic as a professionally hand-painted finish, yet enables mass-production with a simple three-coat paint structure consisting of clear, reflective and color coats.

Seven other colors are available in the U.S.: Soul Red Metallic, Sonic Silver Metallic, Titanium Flash Mica, Blue Reflex Mica, Deep Crystal Blue, Jet Black Mica and Snowflake White Pearl Mica.

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