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Mercedes Benz EQS (2022) Parking Assist with Remote function & Driving Assist with DRIVE PILOT


Mercedes Benz EQS (2022) Parking Assist with Remote function & Driving Assist with DRIVE PILOT. 2022 Mercedes Benz EQS with Parking Package with Remote Parking functions and Driving Assistance Package Plus with DRIVE PILOT

Thanks to powerful sensors that monitor the vehicle’s surroundings, the parking systems can help the driver with manoeuvring in many areas. The driver can manoeuvre the vehicle into and out of parking spaces via smartphone using Remote Parking Assist. With the pre-installation for the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, the EQS is prepared for automated valet service (AVP, SAE level 4). If equipped with the required optional equipment and the corresponding Connect service (depending on the country), the vehicle has the technology on board to manoeuvre into and out of parking spaces fully automatically and without the driver in car parks equipped with AVP infrastructure, provided that national laws allow such operation.

With the optional DRIVE PILOT, the EQS will be able to drive in conditionally automated mode at up to 60 km/h where traffic density is high or in tailbacks on suitable motorway sections, initially in Germany. This takes the strain off the driver and gives them time to do other things, such as browsing the web or attending to emails in the In-Car Office.

The latest generation of driver assistance systems includes numerous driver support functions. New, for example, is the additional microsleep warning from ATTENTION ASSIST. It analyses the driver’s eyelid movements through a camera on the driver’s display (only in conjunction with MBUX Hyperscreen). The assistance display within the driver’s display shows the operation of the driving assistance systems in a comprehensible full-screen view.

The principles of Integral Safety, in particular accident safety, apply regardless of the platform. Like all other Mercedes, the EQS therefore features a rigid passenger compartment, special deformation zones and state-of-the-art restraint systems. PRE-SAFE is standard. The fact that the EQS is based on an all-electric architecture also opened up new design possibilities for its safety concept. It meant, for example, that a favourable location could be chosen for the installation of the battery, in a crash-protected area in the underbody. And because there is no large crankcase on board, the behaviour in a frontal crash could be modelled even better. In addition to the standard crash tests, the car’s performance in various additional load situations was verified and extensive component tests carried out at the Vehicle Safety Technology Centre.

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