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Mercedes-Benz Radiator Grille Evolution from 1900 to 2022


Mercedes-Benz Radiator Grille Evolution from 1900 to 2022. 1900 was a breakthrough year in the early days of the automobile. It marked the first time Wilhelm Maybach fitted his invention, the honeycomb radiator, to the Mercedes 35 PS. The patented design solved the problem of cooling the internal combustion engine once and for all, and enabled the production of vehicles that were not only more powerful but also more reliable. Because the radiator stood front and centre on the vehicle, it had an immediate impact on brand image. A new era had begun. Competitors rushed to imitate – a front end with an upright radiator was standard practice around the world until well into the 1930s. Now, more than 120 years later, here we are again. The battery-electric Mercedes-EQ vehicles are bringing a new, distinctive face to the brand with the three-pointed star – with their Black Panel grille melding seamlessly with the headlamps while doubling up as technology hub.

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