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Mercedes Maybach EQS Concept – Opulent Electric SUV


Mercedes Maybach EQS Concept – Opulent Electric SUV. The Mercedes-Maybach EQS is a concept car that makes two distinct points: First, there will be an SUV based on the fully electric EVA2 platform, shared with the EQS and the EQE. Second, Maybach has a great future ahead. In fact, the EQS SUV that is previewed with this concept is light-years ahead of Daimler’s current electric SUV models, the dynamically challenged EQA and the similarly clumsy EQC.

Daimler’s new EQS SUV, which will hit markets next year as a 2023 model, will compete directly with the BMW iX, the Tesla Model X, and other fully electric upmarket SUVs. Unlike its lower-priced siblings, it will only be available with front and rear electric motors, providing both the power and the traction that buyers of the current GLE and GLS models can expect.

However, the “around 370 miles of range,” obtained in the European WLTP cycle (which is overly lenient in a way that favors EVs), might be a bit of a disappointment for long-distance travelers, especially those who haul trailers and will see their mediocre range further diminished.

But while these considerations may worry regular SUV buyers, they will hardly affect Maybach buyers, who will likely have staff move their necessary belongings well ahead of their leisurely journeys.

Accordingly, the Mercedes-Maybach EQS concept and what the automaker is telling us about it both focus on more important things: like the two-tone paint with a chrome strip, 24-inch wheels, and a chrome rear spoiler. The electric powertrain is highlighted by a low front end that allows for somewhat dramatic proportions.

Meanwhile, the interior that aims at providing an elevated and opulent traveling experience. We love the “faux fur” carpet of this unique concept. A flower vase “invites seasonal floral decoration,” and there is an integrated cooler for drinks as well. The white and blue materials are complemented by rose gold accents.

In other words, the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS is nothing less than the fully electric equivalent of the stunningly capable Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUV, which is powered by the awesome 4.0-liter V-8. We look forward to testing it to see how it lives up to this high standard.

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