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Mercedes-Maybach S-CLASS Night Series & MANUFAKTUR Customisation Program


Mercedes-Maybach S-CLASS Night Series & MANUFAKTUR Customisation Program. Mercedes-Maybach presents Night Series – the next chapter in the brand’s mission of evolving its curated portfolio and creating moments in which magic is born. It comes with details such as dark chrome elements, surfaces that catch the light like a cut jewel and interiors that take Maybach design to a new level.

For the S-Class, the Night Series package includes various paint finishes in grey, black and white hues, as well as an exclusive two-tone paint finish in the combination onyx black/Mojave silver.

Precious details include rose gold in the headlights and dark metallic chrome elements, adding to the design’s elegant, stretched silhouette, which is accentuated by the two visible tailpipe trims in dark chrome and black.

While the already iconic interior of the S-Class takes luxury to the next level, the Night Series expands the exclusivity of the model with two interior variants: Black with Black Pearl nappa leather or MANUFAKTUR deep white/black. A noble mother-of-pearl effect in the black/Black Pearl nappa leather option, together with the golden-grey glossy piping subtly emphasises the interior’s value.

Timeline :
0:00 Maybach S-CLASS Night Series
1:29 Fabrication Process

Source : Mercedes-Benz

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