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MERCEDES UNIMOG (2019) Snow Off-Road – DEMONSTRATION. 2019 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 4023 – the standard for perfection in off-road terrain

It is only the most demanding of routes in extreme off-road terrain that really highlight the formidable handling qualities of the Unimog. The basis for this comes courtesy of the all-terrain suspension: the welded frame and tubular cross-members guarantee good robustness and torsional flexibility of up to 600 mm. This is matched by the degree of articulation of up to 30 degrees. On top of this there are portal axles, the low vehicle centre of gravity and extremely favourable values for the angle of approach (44 degrees at the front, 51 degrees at the rear), breakover angle (34 degrees) and slope climbing ability (45 degrees) – all this is what characterises the all-terrain Unimog. In addition it boasts a maximum fording depth of up to 1.20 m and a side tilting angle of 38 degrees. Driving in extreme situations with all-wheel drive engaged is supported by the engageable differential locks and the tyre pressure control system. Single tyres have been part of the Unimog concept since day one – the rear wheels follow the front wheels precisely in a track and thus make use of the stability of the already compacted driving surface.

The special capabilities in difficult off-road terrain are supported by the mid-engine design. With the introduction of the Euro VI European emissions standard, the engine has been moved one metre towards the rear, a measure which not only helped with accommodating the additional equipment required for Euro VI, but also improved traction and off-road handling thanks to the central centre of gravity.

The Unimog U 4023 is driven by a four-cylinder engine with an output of 231 HP – which is what the 23 in the model designation refers to – and a displacement of 5.1 l. The high efficiency is reflected in the torque of 900 Nm, which remains available across the entire main operating range from 1200 rpm to 1600 rpm.

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