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MG — All new for 2023.


MG — All new for 2023.. MG — All new for 2023. MG4 Long Range.

For now, the only certainty for 2023 is the expansion of the MG4 range with the top-of-the-range twin-engine version. It will be associated with a larger battery, with a capacity of 77 kWh, and will have a maximum power of 400 hp and a range of more than 500 km.

The indicative launch period is the summer, so it is plausible that the model will be unveiled and can be ordered in late spring. Based on the current price of the MG4, this top model should have a starting price of just under 40,000 euros.

MG Clever.

SAIC’s desire to make MG a very competitive brand in the electric car market could push the Chinese giant to extend the range downwards. What is becoming increasingly rare, in fact, are the affordable models at the most popular end of the market, where it is difficult to offer electric cars at prices comparable to those of traditional cars, and even the latter are becoming increasingly rare and expensive.

If we look at the production intended for the domestic market, and in particular the Roewe range, from which some of the European models renamed MG come, we also find an electric «supermini» called Clever, which could be positioned at the bottom of range. Just over three meters long, it is equipped with a 37 kW motor and a 27 kWh battery promising a range of more than 250 km.

MG SUV-Coupé.

The second hypothesis for the next MG novelty is a model that could strengthen the presence of the brand in the segment of compact SUVs, but still powered by battery. This category is indeed the heart of the market, and as shown by the historical manufacturers ( Audi Q4 Sportback , but also Skoda Enyaq Coupe ) and newcomers ( Aiways U6), sports variants are often the first to be studied in order to consolidate the offer.

Several hypotheses are possible: it could be a model derived from the MG range, like the MG One, or more likely like the Roewe R ES33, a 2021 concept that foreshadowed precisely this evolution of the Marvel R family.

MG Roadster.

The arrival of the two-seater electric sports car was actually confirmed a while ago for 2024, the year MG will celebrate its 100th anniversary with this same model, so for the launch there is no particular doubts. However, during the presentation of the MG4, the company showed fleeting images that clearly show that the car is now almost ready, and it is not excluded that it will start showing it as early as the end of 2023.

MG wants to be an affordable brand, but this model, anticipated by the Cyberster concept, will also be performance-oriented, with the ambition of becoming a possible competitor to the Tesla Roadster .
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