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NEW 2022 Volkswagen TAIGO | Compact SUV Coupe | Design Details


NEW 2022 Volkswagen TAIGO | Compact SUV Coupe | Design Details. With the new compact crossover Taigo, Volkswagen is launching an SUV Coupe on the European market for the first time.

The front-wheel drive Volkswagen Taigo is a real crowd-pleaser with its trendy crossover body style, raised seating positions, pioneering connectivity and unrestricted suitability for everyday use.

The rear of the five-seater car slopes backwards in the style of a coupé, without restricting headroom in the back seat. This sees Volkswagen expand the portfolio of the compact Polo (hatchback) and T-Cross (SUV) models built on the MQB platform with a third chassis variant, which has previously been primarily reserved for high-end models. Numerous latest-generation assistance systems guarantee optimum comfort and a high level of safety for all passengers. 

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00:00 Front Design
01:19 Wheels
01:49 Interior
03:03 Infotainment
04:28 Seats
05:43 Rear Design
07:55 Lights

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