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New 2023 BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe ( Overview )


New 2023 BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe ( Overview ). HIGHS
– Sprightly handling, punchy optional 301-hp turbo-four, similar interior experience as larger BMW sport sedans.
– Stiff ride, gawky proportions, rear-seat feels cramped.
– The 2-series Gran Coupe is playful and well-equipped, but it lacks the balanced nature we expect from a BMW.

Sporty. Handles like a dream. Base engine is enough power for us, spec say top speed is 130+. Don’t doubt it. Point an shoot. Interior is beautiful and upscale. Well made. Voice recognition is unusually good and spot on. Bit “sporty” over bumps. Good ride, but not cushy. Safety tech is wonderful and straight forward. As advertised. Other technology is good, but esoteric. Big learning curve. Need to read all the manuals and videos to feel comfortable with the infotainment, even for nerd types. Definitely not intuitive to the non-german mind. GPS map is crazy complicated graphic, too much detail. Hard to read at a glance. Not usable. Rather use Apple Car Play instead. Opt for the self parking feature for $200. It’s a bargain, especially parking in tight garages. Lively and lovely pocket-rocket. Would definitely recommend as a fun little runabout.


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