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New 2023 BMW 2-Series ( Overview )


New 2023 BMW 2-Series ( Overview ). – HIGHS
Sweet, fast, and fun; good braking; the twin-kidney grille is the right size here.
As pretty as a pug, no manual transmission, tight rear seat.
The 2-series coupe is thrilling even in base guise, but its exterior styling looks low resolution.

The 2 Series is one of the smallest luxury cars on the road today. That small size contributes to the 2 Series’ nimble handling and quick acceleration. It’s a fun car to drive. However, rear seat space and trunk space are poor. As long as you’re OK with the trade-off, there’s not another luxury car at this price that offers what you’ll find with the BMW 2 Series.

– Pros
Nimble handling
Abundantly powerful available six-cylinder engine
Upscale interior
– Cons
Cramped back seat
Stiff ride
– What’s new
New curved-glass digital instrument panel debuts
Satin aluminum exterior trim and gloss black interior trim have been discontinued
Part of the second 2 Series generation introduced for 2022

BMW’s foundation is built largely on its history of producing sporty compact luxury coupes, and that tradition continues with the 2023 BMW 2 Series. As other vehicles in BMW’s stable have gotten significantly larger over the decades, we’re pleased that the 2 Series is able to deliver the pint-sized thrills of its ancestors.


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