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New 2023 Lexus LC 500 (Overview)


New 2023 Lexus LC 500 (Overview). HIGHS
– Sexy sheetmetal, lusty V-8 sound, stylish and luxurious cabin.
– Looks hotter than it handles, brakes lack initial bite, irritating infotainment touch controls.
– The Lexus LC500 is more of a casual cruiser than a peak-performance sports car, but it offers a special elegance and a sense of occasion.

The LC 500 is a gorgeous car with a glorious V8 engine, a smooth ride, and a quiet, luxurious interior highlighted by advanced, even avant-garde design. It won’t click with everyone, but it’s tremendous fun to drive, especially on a straight, open road. Its weight and handling hinder it from competing as a true sports car. But as a cushy grand-touring, road-trip style of car, the LC excels.

– Pros
Cabin design and interior materials are extraordinary
Effective at being both sporty and comfortable
Generous list of standard features
Convertible’s top doesn’t dampen the LC’s quiet refinement
– Cons
Touchpad controller is frustrating to use
The trunk offers minimal cargo space, and interior storage space is limited
All-wheel drive isn’t offered
– What’s new
Small changes to suspension tuning
Part of the first LC 500 generation introduced for 2018

A few automakers have cars that perhaps don’t get the recognition or sales that they deserve. For Lexus, it’d be the LC 500. This quick and comfortable grand tourer is the brand’s impressive flagship model. The first thing you’ll notice is its standout design. The LC 500 has been out since the 2018 model year, but its exterior styling still looks classy and distinctive. When you step inside, you’ll appreciate the elegantly designed interior and exceptional craftsmanship.


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