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New 2023 Lexus RX – Features & Overview / Cutting-Edge Mid-size SUV


New 2023 Lexus RX – Features & Overview / Cutting-Edge Mid-size SUV. Lexus’ bestselling RX luxury crossover has been redesigned for 2023 and now offers more powertrain and trim choices than at any point in its illustrious history.

2023 Lexus RX Models
Lexus offers four RX variants, each equipped with a different four-cylinder powertrain:

2023 Lexus RX350
Although RX350 is a familiar designation, that number no longer designates a 3.5-liter V-6 engine. Instead, the entry-level RX now has a 2.4-liter turbocharged I-4 making 275 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque—less power than before but much more off-the-line torque. After an eight-speed automatic, FWD is standard and AWD optional. Fuel economy is estimated at 24 mpg combined.

Beyond its $48,550 standard trim, the RX350 is offered in $50,550 Premium, $53,150 Premium+, $56,550 Luxury, and $57,550 F Sport Handling specifications. On standard, Premium, Premium+, and Luxury trims, add $1,600 for AWD.

2023 Lexus RX350h
Want a Lexus hybrid SUV? Look for the lowercase “h” that denotes Lexus’ hybrids. In the case of the RX, the RX350h is the first hybrid model in the range. It’s equipped with a 2.5-liter I-4 and two electric motors that combine for 246 hp and 233 lb-ft of torque. Those are paired with a CVT automatic and AWD. Efficiency should improve to about 33 mpg combined.

Standard, Premium, Premium+, and Luxury grades are available, at $50,150, $52,150, $54,750, and $58,150, respectively. Put away your calculator—this means each trim of the RX350h is the exact same price as the equivalent trim for a non-hybrid RX350 equipped with AWD. Thus, choosing to go hybrid is a no-cost option if you were going with AWD anyway.

2023 Lexus RX450h+
If the “h” means hybrid, what does the “+” stand for? That’s the icon Lexus attaches to its plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). For 2023, the RX450h+ is added to the lineup, not quite the same as the previous non-plus RX450h. Building on the RX350h, the RX450h+ carries the same 2.5-liter I-4 and CVT but a larger battery and stronger motors. We expect power will come to 302 hp, but its primary appeal is efficiency: The RX450h+ should return around 76 mpg-e combined and enable over 30 miles of all-electric driving when the battery is fully charged. Details and pricing are to be confirmed, but expect the RX450h+ to be offered only in higher-end trim levels.

2023 Lexus RX500h F Sport Performance
Lexus wants to banish its humdrum image by expanding its “F” line, that being the letter affixed to its sporty vehicles. With h, F, and a big number in its name, the RX500h F Sport Performance is the range-topping hybrid model that aims to bring enthusiasts into the RX fold. It builds on the RX350’s turbocharged engine with a stronger rear-axle motor, bringing AWD and combined output to 367 hp and 407 lb-ft of torque via a six-speed automatic. Fuel economy drops to about 26 mpg combined—speed doesn’t come for free. The RX500h is only sold in F Sport Performance trim, which starts at $62,750.

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