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New 2023 Mazda 3 ( Overview )


New 2023 Mazda 3 ( Overview ). HIGHS
– Top models feel premium inside, handsome interior design, nimble handling.
– Hatchback model suffers poor rear visibility, punchy turbo engine is an expensive add-on, six-speed manual not offered with all-wheel drive.
– Mazda’s compact sedan and hatchback look sharp, feel upscale, and are lovely to drive, traits that make the 3 special in the world of small cars.

The Mazda 3 strengths won’t be found on a spec sheet — utility, fuel economy and drivability all fall around average, for instance. But the 3’s distinctive style and refinement make it more enjoyable to drive and own than most other small hatchbacks.

– Pros
Premium interior design and materials
Confident handling makes it fun to drive
Available all-wheel drive
Quick acceleration with turbocharged engine
– Cons
Mediocre legroom in the back seat
Less cargo capacity than other small cars
– What’s new
Base 2.0 trim for the sedan is discontinued
Slight power increase for the 2.5-liter engine
Part of the fourth Mazda 3 generation introduced for 2019

Small and economical sedans or hatchbacks aren’t the penalty boxes they used to be. Today these affordable vehicles deliver far more refinement and panache, and the 2023 Mazda 3 is a prime example. From its sleek, attention-getting styling to its refined interior, the Mazda 3 is a standout in the class. Add in sporty driving dynamics and the option for a powerful turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive, and the case for the Mazda 3 gets stronger.


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