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New 2023 Mazda MX-30 (Overview)


New 2023 Mazda MX-30 (Overview). – Pros
Fun, agile handling
Snazzy, sustainable interior
Many standard driver aids
– Cons
How much driving range?
Slow charging, acceleration
Wonky rear half doors

– Cool-looking exterior design, eco-friendly interior materials, delivers on Mazda’s fun-to-drive ethos.
– The driving range is far too short to be competitive with other EVs, rear seats are cramped for adults, only sold in California.
– The MX-30 has the looks and the green-car street cred, but its 100-mile driving range is entirely uncompetitive.

Mazda’s first all-electric vehicle for the United States is the MX-30. Introduced for 2022, the MX-30 shares its architecture with Mazda’s 3 and CX-30, and thus it has a similarly compact size. However, its electric powertrain sets it apart. Positioned as a commuter car, Mazda prioritized design and dynamics over long range, making it an unusual entrant in the rapidly expanding EV segment. For 2023, it remains available only in California and is unchanged from last year.


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