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New 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS – INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT. Automated valet with Mercedes’ Intelligent Park Pilot

Using the Mercedes me App, a driver pulls into a dedicated automated valet spot and parks. At this point, they could have already reserved their parking spot at the hotel garage, to ensure there’s somewhere for the EQS to park itself.

They then activate the feature in the App, which wakes up the EV, then ensure everything is operational and safe before initiating communication with Bosch’s automated valet infrastructure. Once the system receives all green lights from its checklist, it will start the motor remotely and take over.

Alongside necessary infrastructural equipment, the Mercedes EQS is already equipped with the onboard technology to navigate the Bosch Automated Valet system, which allows for the entering and exiting multi-story facilities like parking garages. For this temporary demonstration, the partners used portable Lidar sensors on the ground.

However, the permanent installation of the valet infrastructure utilizes stereo sensors that are implemented into the ceiling above the vehicles as a “bird’s eye” that’s out of harm’s way from cars and pedestrians. The Bosch Automated Valet system is already operational at the Stuttgart Airport in Germany.

Both companies see this technology as a natural step toward fully-automated driving that can help save drivers time by easing the burden of finding parking and charging. It doesn’t have to stop at valet parking either – the teams at Mercedes-Benz and Bosch have already begun exploring further implementations of the autonomous low-speed maneuvers, like automated charging, car washes, payment booths at garages, and even automated movement of completed vehicles through assembly lines.

Bosch also feels this technology could be beneficial to commercial EVs and rental cars especially, allowing your rental EV to come to you, then driving away and parking itself when you return it. According to both companies, the tech is ready. They are, however, waiting on regulatory approval in Europe because this is considered a Level 4 automated system.

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