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New 2023 Nissan Leaf (Overview )


New 2023 Nissan Leaf (Overview ). HIGHS
– Spacious cabin for a small car, comfy seats, available semi-autonomous tech.
– Uncompetitive range, not compatible with all public charging stations, performance is merely okay.
– The Leaf is cheap and cheerful but its downsides prohibit it from being a serious EV competitor.

The Nissan Leaf gets a lot right. Its range of 149 miles or 215 miles, depending on the model, is sufficient for most EV shoppers. It’s also quiet and has some useful technology features that can make driving in heavy traffic easier and less tiring

– Pros
Comes standard with many driver assist features
Quiet and comfortable driving experience
Attractively priced
– Cons
Limited small-item storage
The back seats don’t fold flat
Leaf’s type of fast-charging port isn’t supported at all public charging stations
– What’s new
Revised front-end styling with illuminated Nissan badge
Streamlined lineup reduces trim count from five to two
Part of the second Leaf generation introduced for 2018

The Nissan Leaf isn’t as cool as a Tesla and doesn’t offer the latest in EV tech, but it’s one of the longest-running EVs on the road, offering an affordable and practical option for people wanting to drive a zero-emission vehicle. It was quietly strutting its kilowatts on the streets before any Tesla rolled out of the factory and showed there was an interest in EVs even though it sported a strange look and a short driving range. The current second-generation Leaf matured with more traditional styling and a longer driving range.


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