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New 2023 Nissan Z ( Overview )


New 2023 Nissan Z ( Overview ). HIGHS
– No shortage of horsepower, distractingly-handsome design, #savethemanuals.
– Tight interior, heavier than the last Z car, too much road noise.
– Using subtle design cues to celebrate Z cars of the past, the new Z packs more power and driving satisfaction than ever.

The Z (without a number designation) was Nissan’s big reintroduction of the company’s beloved and nostalgic two-seat sports car. It returned for the 2023 model year after the Z moniker went on a hiatus for three years. With its recent reappearance, the probability that the 2024 Nissan Z will have any major changes is low, but spy shots indicate a Nismo variant could be coming. The variant, if it materializes, would likely include new body features (there’s talk about a split grille) and possibly a more potent powertrain.

We don’t completely dislike the current Nissan Z, but our experts drove, tested and scrutinized it and concluded it falls short when compared to its rivals. The Z comes equipped with a twin-turbocharged V6 that churns out 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual transmission comes standard and a nine-speed automatic is available on this rear-wheel-drive coupe. Although we agree that the Z is an overall improvement from its predecessor, it does not feel entirely engaging or precise.

On the inside, the Z does not feel cramped and it is surprisingly comfortable. The seats are comfy and the ride quality is pleasant. The interior layout is focused on the driver and technology is practical enough to enjoy. And if you disliked the materials used in the previous iteration, the 370Z, then you’ll be delighted to see how Nissan has upgraded all that. All in all, the updates inside the cabin are appealing.

The Z has great qualities, but in terms of sports car performance, it falls short of rivals including the Ford Mustang Mach 1 and Toyota Supra.


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