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New 2023 Subaru WRX ( Overview )


New 2023 Subaru WRX ( Overview ). HIGHS
– Comfortable cruiser, chuckable handling, a manual gearbox makes us happy shifters.
– Elantra N horsepower with Ascent SUV fuel economy, needs a loud mode, Travis Pastrana turned Tony Pastrami.
– A more refined ride and tamer attitude make this generation of the WRX feel all grown up but that comes at the sacrifice of some its most cherished wild-child antics.

Among other higher-performing (but not high-performance) sedans, the Subaru WRX is a bit rougher around the edges. That may sound like a drawback for those seeking comfort and refinement, but it’s a ringing endorsement for those familiar with the WRX’s rally-racing heritage and Subaru’s history of producing fun and engaging vehicles.

– Pros
Standard all-wheel drive enhances traction and performance
Available 11.6-inch infotainment touchscreen is easy to read
Brisk acceleration
Stable and engaging handling
– Cons
Subpar fuel economy
Noticeable road and wind noise
Need to order the automatic transmission to get most of the car’s driver aids
– What’s new
New rear seat headrests
Part of the fifth WRX generation introduced for 2022

Subaru leans harder into its rally-racing heritage with the latest WRX. Redesigned for 2022, the fifth-generation WRX adopts body cladding worthy of an SUV to protect the paint against nicks and chips while upgrading performance with a larger and more powerful engine and an available adaptive suspension. The car also adopts the latest in Subaru infotainment, driver assist and collision avoidance technology. However, the safety features are largely restricted to WRX models equipped with the optional continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), which Subaru calls the Performance Transmission.


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