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New 2023 Tesla Model X ( Overview )


New 2023 Tesla Model X ( Overview ). – HIGHS
Long-range battery, brutally quick and insanely quick powertrains, recharges quickly on road trips.
Too spartan inside for the price, below-average build quality, steering yoke controller is a pain.
For these prices, you should get a lap-of-luxury interior along with the stellar performance but the Model X offers only mediocre appointments and a side helping of Tesla-style gimmicks.

There are so many interesting aspects to the Model X — the panoramic windshield, the upward-opening falcon-wing doors and the sports car-beating acceleration — that you can almost overlook the fact that the Tesla Model X is electric. Cargo and passenger space is impressive, too, as long you opt for the five-seat configuration. But subpar smartphone integration and a lack of practicality continue to be weak spots.

– Pros
Instant and powerful acceleration
Electric range is impressive
Three-row seating is available
Access to Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network
– Cons
Finicky upward-swinging rear doors impede functionality
Vast windshield lets too much sun and heat into the cabin
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto aren’t available
– What’s new
A traditional round steering wheel returns as a no-cost option
Part of the first Model X generation introduced for 2016

Having lost nearly none of its showstopping appeal since its debut in 2016, the Tesla Model X continues to occupy a tiny niche in the automotive landscape. Sporting an EPA-estimated range of up to 348 miles, quicker acceleration than most people know what to do with, and seating for up to seven people, the Model X would appear to be the answer for families looking to go electric. Dusting off most sports cars in a straight line just happens to be a bonus.


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