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New 2023 Toyota GR86 ( Overview )


New 2023 Toyota GR86 ( Overview ). HIGHS
– How steering should feel, big fun on serpentine roads, affordable sports-car entertainment.
– Road and wind noise pummel the ears, engine sounds like it’s got a stomachache, you call that a rear seat?
– Long live the manual transmission, especially when it’s packaged within something as fun as the Toyota GR86.

The GR86 is a back-to-basics sports car in the best way. It’s fun to drive whether you’re a novice driver or a seasoned pro. It’s also reasonably priced and somewhat practical. The GR86 can be a bit noisy and stiff-riding at times, but those downsides are easy to live with considering all of the car’s other outstanding attributes.

– Pros
Enjoyable handling for drivers of all skill levels
Driver-friendly interior
Quick-shifting six-speed manual transmission
Good power output for its size
– Cons
Back seats are better suited for storage
High interior noise levels
– What’s new
A limited-production Special Edition model debuts
Part of the second GR86 generation introduced for 2022

The Toyota GR86 is one of the most entertaining and engaging sports cars you can buy, a rare island of affordable fun surrounded by a vast ocean of SUVs and trucks. Its front engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and light curb weight offer good balance and thrilling driving dynamics. Sports cars like the GR86 aren’t known for brutal straight-line acceleration, though. Instead, they excel at shredding curvy back roads. And the GR86 is perfect for drivers who want an enjoyable and inexpensive sport coupe and don’t mind its small dimensions.


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