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New 2023 Toyota Prius Prime ( Overview )


New 2023 Toyota Prius Prime ( Overview ). The redesigned Prius looks sleek and is considerably more powerful than earlier models. Fuel economy is still stellar — more than 50 mpg in real-world driving, most likely — but it’s no longer the only reason to buy a Prius. The car’s main downside is reduced utility and rear passenger comfort due to the car’s new sweptback style.

– Pros
Proves the Prius doesn’t need to be ugly to be efficient
Easy-to-use multimedia interface
Sturdy acceleration for highway merges and passing maneuvers
Driver aids are well calibrated and intuitive

– Cons
Much smaller cargo area and rear opening
Backseat headroom is at a premium
Gauge cluster blocked by the steering wheel and hard to see
Noisy when the gas engine kicks on

– What’s new
Redesigned for 2023 with stylish new look
Considerably quicker than previous Prius models
Toyota estimates it gets up to 57 mpg combined
2023 model kicks off the fifth Prius generation

For its fifth generation, the Toyota Prius has gone through a truly remarkable transformation. Eco geek is out; eco chic is in. The 2023 Prius gets a complete redesign with a sleek new shape and an overhauled interior. There’s also a more robust hybrid powertrain that offers considerable gains in performance yet still gets similar fuel economy to previous models.


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