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New 2023 Toyota Sequoia ( Overview )w


New 2023 Toyota Sequoia ( Overview )w. HIGHS
– Handsome new styling, powerful and relatively efficient hybrid powertrain, quiet cabin.
– Rear-seat headroom is limited, feels unwieldy to drive, third row of seats don’t fold flat into the floor.
– The 2023 Sequoia’s makeover brings it closer to its large SUV rivals, but we wish Toyota had paid more attention to practicality and driving verve.

– Pros
Ample power from the V6 hybrid drivetrain
Impressive list of standard and available tech features
Comfortable ride for a truck-based SUV
High max towing capacity
– Cons
Noticeable wind noise at highway speed
Awkward third-row seating position
– What’s new
Redesigned from the ground up for 2023
New 437-hp hybrid powertrain as standard
Completely updated interior
Kicks off the third Sequoia generation

Up until this year, the Sequoia was one of the oldest vehicle designs on sale, having lived through three presidential administrations and countless world events since its introduction in 2008. But Toyota finally brought its three-row SUV into the modern age with the 2023 Toyota Sequoia, a modern design using the same body-on-frame architecture that underpins the Tundra pickup.


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