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New 2024 Chevrolet Camaro ( Overview )


New 2024 Chevrolet Camaro ( Overview ). – HIGHS
Great thrills at a good price, pure muscle, meaningful 1LE track package.
Underwhelming rear visibility, rear seat is a jail sentence, overdue for a revamp.
In what could be the last gas-only Camaro, the final year of the sixth generation is the end of an era.

Regardless of engine, the Camaro is the best-driving muscle car of its segment, edging out more expensive sports cars when it comes to behind-the-wheel thrills. Poor outward visibility and a tiny trunk limit its practicality as a daily driver. If you can live with these downsides, you’ll be rewarded every time you drive it. If not, the Mustang and the Challenger deliver similar thrills with fewer flaws.

– Pros
A proven and sharp-handling pony car
Potent acceleration from V6 and V8 engines
Relatively smooth ride, especially with the adaptive suspension
Solid value thanks to a long list of standard equipment
– Cons
Difficult to see out of
Tiny back seat is useless for adults
Limited trunk space with small opening
Some controls are awkward to use
– What’s new
2024 will be this Camaro generation’s last year
New Collector’s Edition package
Part of the sixth Camaro generation introduced for 2016

The Camaro, like it’s done before, is vanishing. According to Chevy, 2024 will be the last model year for the Camaro. To celebrate its final year, a Collector’s Edition package will be available on RS, SS and a limited number of ZL1 Camaros. Few details have been announced yet, but the Collector’s Edition package looks to be an appearance package that honors the first-generation Camaro.

Meanwhile, we don’t expect any significant changes to the 2024 Camaro. The real news is that it will have to contend with a redesigned gas-powered Mustang, which makes more power than the Camaro’s standard V8 and rides on a refined version of the existing platform. But let’s not forget that the Camaro has, for years, enjoyed both a handling and in some cases a power advantage over the equivalent Mustang. But since 2016 those benefits have come with packaging downsides — visibility befitting a tank and tiny passenger and cargo areas — that made some buyers choose the Mustang or the Challenger instead. We dive into all the details in our Expert Rating below.


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