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New 2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier – Features, Design and Interior


New 2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier – Features, Design and Interior. Ford expands its electric-vehicle range in Europe with the electric version of the Tourneo Courier MPV. The Ford E-Tourneo Courier represents a clean-sheet design aimed at maximizing space and practicality while sporting an SUV-inspired design.

Ford is playing catch up with Tesla in the EV arena, and it’s now got a new weapon to help it win the duel. Ford designed the E-Tourneo Courier from the ground up to be compact yet offer plenty of space and practical features. Ford graced the E-Tourneo Courier with an SUV-like design to appeal to Europeans. It has short overhangs and clear lines, conveying a sense of toughness, while the front-end design is unique to the battery-electric variant.

This includes a light bar and Ford’s signature chrome diamond grille, which the carmaker says adds exclusivity and instantly identifies the new EV as part of the Ford lineup. The E-Tourneo Courier offers plenty of space for five passengers and their belongings. Ford claims the new model offers 44% more trunk space than the outgoing Tourneo Courier. Occupants also benefit from more shoulder room and headroom and many storage options throughout the cabin. Being an electric vehicle, the E-Tourneo Courier also has a frunk with a capacity of 44 liters (1.55 cu-ft).

The new model features a “digiboard” that unites a digital instrument cluster and a SYNC 4 infotainment screen. The latter is a 12-inch touch-sensitive surface controlling all the aspects of the fully-connected cabin. Ford has remained a supporter of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so the E-Tourneo Courier features wireless support for both smartphone integration standards. A phone charging pad will also be offered, and Ford promises that over-the-air updates will render dealership visits unnecessary.

The electric version of the Tourneo Courier features a 100-kW (134-horsepower) electric motor. Ford offers a selectable one-pedal driving mode and a comprehensive suite of advanced driver assistance systems, some unique in the segment. Three drive modes-Normal, Eco, and Slippery-can be selected to match the road conditions or preferences.

The new EV offers support for 11-kW AC and 100-kW DC charging options, with Ford’s end-to-end home charging solution taking care of the former. The accompanying app provides a scheduling capability, taking advantage of cheaper energy tariffs where available. The Ford E-Tourneo Courier needs less than six hours to charge from 10 to 100% overnight and can add up to 87 km (54 miles) of range in 10 minutes using a DC fast charger. The charge from 10 to 80 percent takes less than 35 minutes.

The all-new E-Tourneo Courier will start sales in late 2024 in Europe, complementing the gas-powered Ford Tourneo Courier, which will be available later this year. The new model will start production in Craiova, Romania, in the second half of 2024, alongside the Puma crossover. Since Puma will also turn electric by 2024, it’s fair to assume it will share many technical details with the E-Tourneo Courier. This is one of the 10 EVs Ford plans to offer in Europe by 2024 and is instrumental to the carmaker’s plans to reach a 2-million production capacity by the end of 2026.

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