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New 2024 Honda e:Ny1 – Small Electric SUV


New 2024 Honda e:Ny1 – Small Electric SUV. Honda has revealed its second fully electric vehicle, the e:Ny1

It is the brand’s second pure EV to arrive in Europe, following on from the widely acclaimed Honda e city car, and is designed to meet the growing customer demand for all-electric B-segment SUVs.

The e:Ny1 is built on Honda’s newly-developed e:N Architecture F, a front-motor-driven platform focused on three fundamental attributes: A dedicated high rigidity body structure, a low centre of gravity, and carefully managed under-floor aerodynamics to ensure the SUV delivers a fun and confidence-inspiring drive.

In addition, the platform incorporates a high-performance, lightweight three-in-one integrated power drive unit, electric motor and gearbox. This generates a maximum output of 150 kW,  310 Nm of torque and is engineered to provide smooth and comfortable acceleration and deceleration. Under the floor sits a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 412 km (WLTP) of range and DC fast-charging capability that can go from 10 to 80% in just 45 minutes.  

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