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NEW 2024 Hyundai SONATA facelift – N Line Interior Exterior Details


NEW 2024 Hyundai SONATA facelift – N Line Interior Exterior Details. The new 2024 Hyundai Sonata midsize sedan for which the design and specifications have been significantly updated for the 8th generation.   

The new 2024 Sonata boasts a dynamic, progressive design with low-slung, elegant proportions and more aggressive coupe-like styling along with an array of advanced safety, driver assistance and convenience features. The new Hyundai Sonata, which goes on sale in global markets later this year, will be available as a standard internal combustion engine (ICE) model, sporty N Line variant and hybrid electric (HEV) version, with a range of engine options.

Sensational coupe style with floating theme for the interior

The new Sonata’s low-slung exterior exemplifies progressive automotive design and embodies the theme of ‘Sensuous Sportiness.’ On the front, its horizontal layout integrates Hyundai’s signature Seamless Horizon Lamp, wide-set hidden headlamps, wide grille and air intake for a more dynamic and aggressive appearance. The lighting, with integrated DRL, positioning and turn signals, creates dramatic illumination that adds a futuristic look.
At the rear, the new H-lights emphasize SONATA’s wide stance and high-tech character. The swooping spoiler-shaped trunk lid and muffler-shaped rear garnish promise sporty performance.
In keeping with its sporty exterior, the new Sonata’s interior provides a driver-centric layout that conveys a future mobility design sensibility with high-tech details that support modern lifestyles.
Sonata’s new interior ‘floating’ theme provides a futuristic mood, which is further enhanced by ambient lighting.
As sporty as the new Sonata is overall, the N Line turns up the volume with even more dynamic style. The enlarged front bumper grille area, exclusive 19-inch wheels and rear spoiler express bold attitude, while the dual twin-tip mufflers amplify Sonata’s innate sportiness.
Inside, red-accented stitching and cross-metal patterned garnishes reinforce the image of a dynamic sports sedan. N Line is available with exclusive features, such as Active Sound Design, Launch Control, N Powershift and Rev Matching, when selecting the gasoline 2.5 turbo engine.

The new Sonata delivers improved powertrain performance and fuel efficiency compared to previous models with quietness and driving stability to provide a more refined, satisfying driving experience.
The lineup includes a gasoline-powered 2.5L engine, 2.5L turbo engine and 2.0L hybrid electric (HEV). The 2.5L turbo was developed especially for the N Line.
The HEV model is equipped with e-Motion Drive, which enables a smooth and comfortable driving experience in various driving conditions, and for the first time, it has a paddle shifter and regenerative braking mode to further increase fuel efficiency.
The new Sonata’s aero-friendly design improves fuel efficiency and stability during high-speed driving. It provides excellent aerodynamic performance with an air resistance.

The vehicle expects to launch in global markets, later this year.

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